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Best of Early Retirement

{ 175 comments } How We’re Generating Passive Income in 2017 thumbnail

Late last year, I received a few requests to update our passive income more frequently. So here it is – a monthly series to keep track of our passive income. Actually, this will be very helpful for me as well. Previously, I reviewed our passive income once a year and it was too much information […] Read More

{ 58 comments } 10 Enjoyable Side Jobs After Early Retirement thumbnail

Retirement doesn’t mean you have to stop working completely. In fact, I think a little work is good for your soul. This is especially true for early retirement. I’m 43 years old and I don’t want to watch TV and play video games all day. That would be relaxing for a day or two, but […] Read More

{ 79 comments } 5 Years After Early Retirement Update thumbnail

Woohoo! It’s been 5 years after I retired early and I still love it. In fact, this past 12 months has been the best year of early retirement yet. Ahhh… early retirement really is like fine wine, it gets better with time. Granted, I had a lot of help and everything came together very nicely. […] Read More

{ 88 comments } Are You Worth More Than You Earned? thumbnail

Have you ever wondered how much money you've earned over the years?  I mean, it’s gotta be a sizeable sum if you’ve been in the workforce for a while. I was thinking about this and then came up with a natural follow up question. Is our net worth more than what we’ve earned? After all, […] Read More

{ 87 comments } Early Retirement Blogs for Everyone thumbnail

It’s Memorial Day in the United States, the unofficial start of the summer, and the weather is gorgeous in Portland! Actually, it’s a bit hot this weekend at 83 degrees Fahrenheit. We had such a wet and cold winter so the change is pretty jarring. I was thinking that the ideal retirement location should be […] Read More

{ 102 comments } Pop Quiz – How Serious Are You About Early Retirement? thumbnail

Let’s have a little fun today about a “serious” topic. I’ve got a pop quiz for you. A quiz is never fun when you’re in school, but this is an easy Cosmopolitan magazine type of quiz. Don’t worry, it will be easy to answer and you can finish in just a few minutes. Besides, wouldn’t […] Read More

{ 64 comments } My Secret to a Happy Early Retirement thumbnail

It’s been almost 5 years since I quit full time employment to become a stay at home dad/blogger. There were some rough spots, but all in all the last 5 years have been awesome. In fact, this last 5 years have been the best time of my life and I could think clearly again. My […] Read More

{ 60 comments } Why You Need a Roth IRA Folder thumbnail

Taxes are due tomorrow, April 18th! I hope you’re done and filed them already. I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to filing taxes. Our taxes were done a few weeks ago, but we didn’t completely finish reviewing everything until last weekend. Who wants to sit down and double check 40 pages of inane numbers?  […] Read More

{ 57 comments } 5 Dreams That Did Not Come True in Early Retirement thumbnail

Wow, it has been almost 5 years since I quit my engineering career to become a stay-at-home dad/blogger. Time really flies. If I hadn't retired early, I’d still be stuck in a depressing gray cubicle feeling bitter about life. Instead, I’m enjoying life and playing an active role in our son’s life. The past five […] Read More

{ 84 comments } Why I Prefer DIY Retirement Planning thumbnail

When I was an engineer at my old company, I was able to buy the company stock at a discount. I also received some stock options and stock grants. All these shares were deposited in a brokerage account which has a somewhat reasonable fee. Recently, there was a change to the plan and I had […] Read More