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{ 66 comments } What’s Your Lifetime Wealth Ratio? thumbnail

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Social Security reminding me to check my Social Security Statement online. It is a good idea to check your Social Security Statement at least once per year to make sure your earning record is correct. If there is any mistake, then you need to correct […] Read More

{ 175 comments } How We’re Generating Passive Income in 2017 thumbnail

Late last year, I received a few requests to update our passive income more frequently. So here it is – a monthly series to keep track of our passive income. Actually, this will be very helpful for me as well. Previously, I reviewed our passive income once a year and it was too much information […] Read More

{ 84 comments } Read This Before Buying Your First Home! thumbnail

Congratulations to all the new college graduates! You’ve got the world ahead of you, so go out and conquer it. Actually, it’s probably pretty stressful right now because starting a new phase of life is a huge endeavor. I was very nervous when I graduated and moved to Oregon to start a new career. It […] Read More

{ 72 comments } How Will You Invest with Low Stock Market Return? thumbnail

Nobody knows how the stock market is going to perform in the short term so we shouldn’t worry about it. On the other hand, long term profit is more predictable. Historically, stocks return about 7% per year after adjusting for inflation. Passive investors (index funds) who are in it for the long haul can count […] Read More

{ 60 comments } 3 Books I Wish I Read in My 20s thumbnail

A while back, I did an interview and one of the questions was - what 3 books do you recommend. This question came up a few times now so I thought I’d write up a good answer here so I can refer to it at anytime. BTW, this is a good tip for new bloggers. […] Read More

{ 60 comments } Why You Need a Roth IRA Folder thumbnail

Taxes are due tomorrow, April 18th! I hope you’re done and filed them already. I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to filing taxes. Our taxes were done a few weeks ago, but we didn’t completely finish reviewing everything until last weekend. Who wants to sit down and double check 40 pages of inane numbers?  […] Read More

{ 81 comments } Blog Income Wrap Up – 2016 thumbnail

Alright, I am almost done with our 2016 taxes! I just need to double check everything and it’ll be ready to go. Good thing our taxes were relatively simple last year. The rentals were occupied the whole year and that made the rental portion very easy. I also sold a few stocks to take profit […] Read More

{ 84 comments } Why I Prefer DIY Retirement Planning thumbnail

When I was an engineer at my old company, I was able to buy the company stock at a discount. I also received some stock options and stock grants. All these shares were deposited in a brokerage account which has a somewhat reasonable fee. Recently, there was a change to the plan and I had […] Read More

{ 87 comments } Should You Invest in the Stock Market Now? thumbnail

Should you invest in the stock market now? The stock market is at an all time high and most stocks seem too expensive. This is a conundrum to new and experienced investors alike. Nobody wants to buy stock if it’s going to crash 30% in 6 months, right? On the other hand, the stock market […] Read More

{ 70 comments } How to Start Investing in Rental Property thumbnail

Investing in rental property is one of the few proven ways to build wealth. Many small investors have been able to retire early with their rental income. I love our dividend income because it is a lot less work than being a landlord, but owning rental properties has been a boon for us as well. […] Read More