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There's a difference between studying for comprehension and studying for information.

And the way you browse makes a massive difference to knowledge accumulation. While perfect for exercising your own memory, then the regurgitation of facts without understanding and circumstance benefits you little at the actual world. A fantastic heuristic: Anything readily digested is studying for advice.

Think about the paper, are you truly studying anything new? Can you think about the author your superior in regards to understanding in the topic? Odds are likely not. This usually means you're studying for information. This means you are very likely to parrot an impression which is not yours as if you'd completed the job. There is not anything wrong with this; it is how most people today read. But you are not actually learning anything new. It is not likely to give you an advantage or make you better in your work. Reading alone is not sufficient to enhance your own knowledge. Learning something educational demands work.

You need to read something over your current level. You will need to locate writers that are more knowledgeable about a specific subject on your own. This is the way you get smarter. Reading for comprehension narrows the difference between reader and author. The Four Degrees of Reading. In his book, the Way to Read a Novel, he describes four degrees of reading

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