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October 2017 Goals and Financial Update

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Happy Halloween! Do you have any big plans for Halloween this year? We’re skipping it entirely at the RB40 household. Well, I got a pumpkin and Mrs. RB40 carved it, but that’s about it. RB40Jr does not like dressing up and he’s too scared to go trick or treating. Even candy is not enticing enough […] Read More

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Fall has arrived. Are you getting chilly where you live? The transition to cooler weather felt abrupt for us. It was summer when we went to Hawaii for a week and it was fall when we got back. I’m a bit sad because I love the long hot summer days filled with fun activities. Mrs. […] Read More

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I recently read an interesting article at Financial Samurai – For A Better Life, Be The One Percent In Something, ANYTHING. Sam urged his readers to find something where they can be a one percenter and specialize. I completely agree with his theory, but I don’t know how applicable this is for a regular guy […] Read More

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Aloha! We're back from our quick 5 day Waikiki getaway. This was an affordable vacation and we spent around $600. That's pretty good for a family of 3 in one of the most expensive locations in the U.S. How did we do it? Well, I cheated quite a bit on this trip and we weren't […] Read More

{ 47 comments } The Easiest Road to $1 Million Nest Egg thumbnail

Hey everyone, we're on vacation this week and Tim is covering for us today. Check out his post and let us know what you think. I'll be back from Hawaii next week. Tim's Bio I’m a self-made millionaire immigrant and a VP at a mid-size company based out of Orange County, California. I moonlight as […] Read More

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Hey, readers. I need your help today. Please vote on the poll at the end of this post. My question is this – should I consider blogging income as passive income? In 2017, we are very close to being able to cover 100% of our expenses with our passive income, but we're not quite there […] Read More

{ 90 comments } Why I’m Not Joining Amazon Prime thumbnail

I have nothing against Amazon. I love Amazon. It’s awesome to order stuff from home and avoid going shopping IRL. Every guy hates shopping so we love Amazon by default. Amazon saves time and usually it’s a pretty good bargain. However, I’m not joining Amazon Prime. Amazon is already a great service and I don’t […] Read More

{ 63 comments } Investing with RealtyShares – see how I’m doing with real estate crowdfunding thumbnail

Earlier this year, I started investing in real estate crowdfunding with RealtyShares. My experience has been positive so far and now I’m ready to write about it. I’ve been a real estate investor for over 10 years, but that’s just in the local market. The Portland real estate market has been great and our investment […] Read More